Lolly's Soaps & Such is a family owned and operated business founded by owner and soapmaker, Laura Sidor. We are located 28 miles north of Chicago.  We are dedicated to making the best handmade soaps and body essentials to improve the look and feel of your skin. We only use the highest quality butters and oils and it shows in our products. We care what we put inside our bodies, why not care what we use on the outside.  Handmade Soaps, Body Butters, and Bath Essentials made with the best butters and Oils.  All natural ingredients for beautiful looking skin, uniquely designed to add splash to your bath!

How it all began:

I decided that I had to find alternatives to the store bought soaps and body products. Suffering from eczema for years, nothing seemed to work to clear it up. After researching what could possibly be causing my skin to be inflamed, itchy and just dang uncomfortable, I was surprised to find out exactly how commercial soaps were made. Loaded with chemicals, stripped of skin loving glycerin and full of detergents, it was no wonder I couldn't get my eczema under control. I first started making homemade deodorant and body butters. I thought there had to be something more natural. I bought books, searched the web for what seemed months and printed out recipes to try. I spent several weeks creating a deodorant that would for me. The sheer excitement I felt when I finally made a recipe that worked. I still use this homemade deodorant today. I moved on to body butters. I was fascinated how I could buy the oils and butters that would be best for my skin type and whip up a batch of creamy, all natural body butter. The more I learned about what different oils and butters do, the more I was determined to make the best luxurious body butter for all skin types.

Cold Process Soap Journey:

I bought many books, joined tons of soap-making groups on Facebook, made tons of new friends who were such an inspiration to me and encouraged me to take the plunge and start my cold process soap-making journey. And so on January 3rd, 2015 I made my first cold process soap. It wasn’t the prettiest soap, but after using it for a few weeks, my eczema had cleared up.  So, what started out as a mission to find something to help my skin, turned into a hobby, which then turned into a passion and ultimately a daily part of my life. My family was so supportive and agreed to be my guinea pigs to test my products. I learned how to improve through their feedback. It was my family who told me I should sell my soapy creations and body butters and that is when Lolly's Soaps & Such was born. I want to share with you my chemical free creations loaded with skin loving butters and oils. Give us a try. Once you go handmade you will never go back to store bought again!